Christmas Romance

So if you’re getting carried away with goodwill, and have realised that the person you’re sharing Christmas is your one true soulmate, we put together five thoughts on proposing to help you on your way.

1.  Hide the engagement ring, either in its box or tied up the ring with a pretty ribbon, on the Christmas tree, then help your partner to find it. You could hide the proposal, or ring, inside a Christmas bauble.

2. Wrap the engagement ring box in a series of bigger and bigger boxes, so your girlfriend will have to unwrap several layers before realising what the present is!

3. Create a heart shaped arch of Christmas lights, inside or outside, ask her to stand beside the lights, close her eyes, then do the traditional thing: down on one knee

4. Hang up a bunch of mistletoe and guide the target of your affections underneath – to find the ring box hidden in the branches

5. Organise a treasure hunt for her present, with clues relating to your relationship holidays or special moments, with the last clue leading to the engagement ring.


Our handy hint? Think carefully whether your partner would prefer to be proposed to in front of all the family and friends, or whether it should be just the two of you.

And if you’d like to propose at one of our restaurants – like the Lakeview, for example – our staff would be delighted to be in on the secret, bringing out rings or a letter on a platter, making our balcony available to you, or even finding a quiet corner with a view of the downs for the conversation.

Either way – enjoy the moment, and good luck from all of us at Elegant Cuisine.



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